Who I Am

Hello everyone my name is Nasser, I am a returning student at Citytech. My first year was 2013. I also attended Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey in Africa where I studied law for two years. My interests are in journalism and creative writing, law, computer engineering etc… I believe understanding law and how it applies to cases in real life and understanding its real effects or consequences on peoples lives is fun to study. I also believe that studying law and how the laws function in practice is one way of understanding and familiarizing myself with my place of residence. Some of the challenges I face in school is the language barrier, it is really intimidating to write in a language that is not your own, learning English is always, for me, a work in progress even after so many years in America trying to learn the language. That is why it is always a challenge for me to write an essay or any sort of paper in English. When I am not in school, I spend my time driving Uber/Lyft getting to know and transporting my fellow New Yorkers.

who I am

Hello everyone, so since the pandemic started , I had to stop working because my daughter wasn’t able to attend school. At first everything seemed really bad for me. After like a month I tried to start looking at the positive of things. Very soon after I started looking at things as a blessing in disguise. Although we are in a pandemic , I started to make certain choices that could potentially give me a better life. One was going back to school after graduating with my associates 7 years ago. I really hope this all works out for me because I really enjoy learning about law.

Who I Am

Hello everybody my name is Shayer Hossain. I’m in the Law and Paralegal program because it’s something that I feel like I can be good in and something that I found a passion for. Before I enrolled into this program I felt like many other people I knew in life who were just taking general education classes and not feeling strongly toward one study or program. I reconnected with someone awhile back that comes from the same neighborhood as me and is pretty similar to me overall and to my surprise they ended up becoming a lawyer. After many conversations with them they sparked my curiosity in the law field and I took the plunge and enrolled in the program and found a passion for this field.  My goal now is to get a bachelors degree from this program and hopefully move onto law school shortly after this and of course have a career in this field.

Something I’d like you guys to know about me is that I’m a huge NBA fan. I randomly watched an NBA game once for the first time in my freshman year of high school out of boredom and have been a diehard fan of the league since. One of my dreams is to one day actually watch a game in person. I was supposed to go to a Brooklyn Nets game in March last year but then Coronavirus happened and well I had to put that dream on pause for now. I’m hoping the world goes back to normal soon and I’ll be able to attend a game sooner than expected. Thanks for reading this guys.

Who I am

Hello everybody, my name is Joseph Guerrero. I am a Dominican/Puerto Rican who was born & raised in Manhattan, New York. I’m currently a Law and Paralegal major. This is my second semester at City Tech, but I am a transferring junior. I went to 3 different colleges before attending City Tech, and I finally feel like I found the right place to complete my bachelors degree. Now that I have matured through the years, I know with a healthy work balance I am able to handle my priorities and stay concentrated on the goals I set forth..  I decided to join the law and paralegal studies program because I feel I can really thrive in this profession. I figured out this was the path for me a year ago, based on conversations i’ve had with many family members, friends, and even people I just met.  (I think this is because I like to debate and defend people). I have been working at Madison Square Garden for the past 10 years and I love working there, but I am pursuing law because I do not want to be complacent. I also have a dog that I named Jaxson after the character Jax from Sons of Anarchy. During my free time I like to drive around in my Honda Accord, watch sports/play sports, play fantasy football and basketball, and hang out with my friends/family. If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s never too late to follow your dreams and establish goals for yourself. I plan on going to law school right after I graduate from City Tech and continue the path of becoming a lawyer. I know from experience life can knock you down but you have to keep pushing through, and try to get better every day. Good luck to everyone on their endeavors thanks for taking the time out to read this post.

Who am I

I am Aaliyah Corke Carrington

I’m born in Brooklyn, but raised on a very tiny island called St.Vincent. I have a twin so I not use to being alone. I have a big and crazy family, as the eldest cousin of 13, I have to be the trail blazer and set an example for my cousins, their waiting on me. I love travel, food, games, jokes and organizing. My major is law and paralegal studies. I selected this major because I grew up doing mock trails and attending law programs at nyc law school and I wanted to know more. The thought that I could protect myself, if I knew the law was reassuring, but I may be wrong with everything going on these days. I work and go to school right now, and I really want to find jobs in this field to practice what I’m learning, but its proving to be very difficult. This a just a little piece of me.

Who I Am

My name is Ninmah Andre.

The reason why I chose this major was that I was deeply interested in the justice system. It was my plan A, but after deep thought, it became my plan B.

At the moment I have a really small art account on Instagram (@nastyartzbyna, support if you’d like). I want to be able to sell my art, sell merch that has my own designs, and create a webcomic. At the moment, I am creating character sheets and will soon do storyboarding. I’ve improved a lot since I started getting serious about art, so I’m really excited. All that I need to do now is remain patient.

Other than drawing, I am learning how to play the bass. And if I’m not doing that, I like to watch anime, do my makeup, or sleep.

Who Am I ?

Hi, my name is Alexandra , and I’m 20 years old. Most people call me Alex for short. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I have 9 brother’s and I’m the only girl on both sides of my family. I like to meet and surround myself with new people and people with great positivity. I was told if you were to surround yourself with people with goals, ambition, dreams and positivity  you’re more than likely to be productive, become happier, and achieve more in life. I like to stay to myself and relax. In addition, If I’m not mistaking I could say this is my 3rd year in college. I chose to be in a Paralegal Major because when I was younger and sometime till now  I watch a lot of criminal TV shows like Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, NCIS and etc.I also watched the News and court trials and didn’t like the fact that a lot of young black African American men were getting penalized harshly and were being treated unfairly. Therefore, I wanted to become a lawyer so I help those who has been wrongly convicted. However, then I realized that I would have  to be in school for a long time and I didn’t want to do that because school is really not my thing. Especially now that we are doing virtual learning I really dislike it. That’s why I decided to just become a Federal Agent instead.

who am I?

My name is Sharon, and I am currently in a legal studies major . Ever since I cant remember I had wanted to become a lawyer to seek justice, something we don’t see now a days. I have a 2 year old daughter and let me say she is my whole world. I work hard for her to give her the best I can. I know being a full time mom is a heck of a ride but I am totally up for it just for her.Besides being a full time mom and full time student, I work in the afternoon in a retail store and starting off in additional education of marketing. Yeah, it’s a lot going on but I keep pushing strong and motivated.

I love playing sports such as soccer,volleyball and softball. I also like dancing and listening to music, it helps me distract myself a bit from all the stress going on. Like i said before, I do have a daughter and I have lots going on and that’s why I find this major very suitable because in my opinion, I do want to be a lawyer or perhaps a judge but I don’t want to rush into it that I lose track of the much more important things. I believe that if I start off as a legal assistant, I get to take in all the law experience and working side by side with a lawyer which it can help me in my continuation of being one.

Who am I ?

My name is Kaela Barzola ! This is my first semester in the legal studies department. However I’m in my sophomore year of college, I use to be a liberal arts major because I was indecisive on what to study. I love playing all different kind of sports ! I currently do acrylic nails on the side from school. Follow my nail page guys @nailsbykaee. My plan as of now is to go into the legal field and find a career I genuinely enjoy. My goal in life is to be successful and happy. I want to live comfortably with no worries. Something to know about me as a person is that I’m outgoing and consistent.

Who Am I

My name is Jasiyah Gilbert, I’ve lived in Brooklyn New York for almost the entirety of my life. I am currently a paralegal studies major; I choose this major because I want to become a lawyer one day and I enjoy debating and arguing points. I enjoy reading dystopias. However, my all-time favorite book is the autobiography of Malcolm X. I enjoy listening to rappers like A Boogie and Lil Tjay, additionally, I like a lot of R and B. I love to watch sports and play sports as well. One unique thing about me is that my worst fear is long term failure. I truly want to be a pillar of the community and make it easier for younger youth to aspire to dream big and make it happen!