Final exam is available on Blackboard!

Good morning!

Your final exam is now available for you to take on Blackboard!   It’s the first item on the “Content” page.  Please complete the exam today (Thursday, May 20, 2021), during any two-hour period before 5pm, in one sitting.  During the exam, you may, and should, refer to your Bluebook and the maps and charts of the court system posted on Blackboard (in “Content,” right under the exam) and on our course OpenLab site (on the “Class notes & materials” page, near the top, listed under “Court System Resources”).  If you have any questions or technical problems during the exam, including if you need additional time, please call me at 718.260.4939 or join the class Zoom link.  (I do not recommend emailing me because I may not see your email in a timely manner.)  **PLEASE NOTE: I will not be available to answer questions after 4:15pm today, so if any issues arise after that time, please email me and I’ll address them on Friday.

We will not meet for class today.  Your completion of the exam is your attendance for today’s class.

Good luck!  I’ll post information here on OL soon about final grades and other issues.


Prof. C.

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