Quiz 4 grades posted & info on final exam!

Esteemed students!

GREAT WORK from those of you who participated in our final exam review today!  I hope you found it useful, and at least a little bit fun.  As we discussed in prior classes, each participant earned two bonus points on the final exam!  Woo hoo!

I have graded Quiz #4 and entered the grades in the “Gradebook” here on OL.  PLEASE review your quiz on Blackboard, even if you got a perfect or otherwise high score!  I provided comments on everyone’s federal statute citations, and the proper format.  Nearly no one got it completely correct!  But I gave you full credit if you came close enough.  On the final exam, you’ll need to be completely correct to earn full credit!  So please review my comments.

Speaking of Bluebook citation: We didn’t get to review that today, just because those questions weren’t among the numbers you chose!  Weird luck.  However, if you review the citation questions (and answers) on quizzes 3 and 4, and make sure you understand any errors you made, AND if you have your Bluebook handy during the exam, you’ll be well-prepared for the citation questions.

Just a reminder, the final exam will be available on Blackboard this Thursday, May 20, by 10am, to be completed during any two-hour period until 5pm.  Please note, I will not be available to answer questions after 4:15pm, so I strongly suggest you complete, or nearly complete, the exam before that time.  If any problems occur after 4:15pm on Thursday, you can email me and I’ll respond on Friday.  If this schedule, or anything regarding the timing of the exam, creates a problem for you, please contact me and we’ll work it out!  It’s best to contact me before the exam, but we can address timing, and any other issues, on the day of the exam if needed.  Before the exam, you can reach me by email.  During the exam, it’s best to call me at 718.260.4939 or join the class Zoom link, until 4:15pm as noted above.

Study hard, and good luck!!  (not that you need it)   I’ll be in touch after the exam about grades and other stuff!


Prof. C.

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