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  1. Thanks Leilani! This article addresses an important development and your response is insightful and thought-provoking. It’s also well-written. You get 2 extra points on the final exam. I’d really like the rest of the class to have easy access to it, so could you please copy it into the body of this post, or write a new post that includes it? (Not just an attachment.)
    Prof. C.

  2. Title: “What Are Derek Chauvin’s Chances Of Getting a New Trial? Experts Say Low (FOR NOW)
    Author: Jemima McEvoy
    Date: May 5, 2021
    Source: Forbes Magazine

    Approximately one week after Derek Chauvin received his conviction, stating that he was found guilty on all charges facing George Floyd death, has since requested a new trial stating that he was not entitled to a fair trial due to the “high profile nature of the case.” Experts believe his request will not be allowed because the excuse does not hold enough weight to be able to get his current conviction overturned. They believe that due to the there is a “high threshold” to authorize a new trial, also due to current heat on the government and police, allowing a new trial will likely cause chaos.

    I agree with experts and truly hope that their assumptions are correct. Allowing Chauvin, a new trial will convey to the public that one can do wrong and be given several chances. I do believe in second chances, but not with murder, not when Chauvin had the ability to save George Floyd’s life, not when he could had lifted himself off George Floyd’s neck, and not when he was able to accept what he did. Second chances should be given to those who commits petty crime, since people do change. Chauvin should not be given a retrial because nothing will change, and if he thinks the first trial was of “high nature” he should be even more worried about a new trial. So, “Goodluck” to him.

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