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Quiz 3 key & grades posted!

Ladies and Gentlemen!  GREAT job with bluebacks and statutes of limitations Wednesday.  On Monday, we’ll finish up statutes of limitations (SOL) with a few practice exercises that those of you who stayed a few minutes after class on Wednesday saw.  If anyone would like a preview, they’re in the class notes for Wednesday that have been posted (class 26).   I also posted the answer key to quiz #3 under “Course Materials” and the quiz grades in “Gradebook.”

For Monday, please be sure to read C&W ch. 16, CPLR Art. 31’s list of sections, and CPLR sec. 3101 parts (a) through (c), all on disclosure (discovery).  I’ll also return your court observation memos and we’ll schedule the order for Wednesday’s oral presentations on the observations.

Enjoy the weekend, happy Mother’s Day, see you Monday!

Prof. C.

QUIZ Monday! Don’t forget!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!  Just a reminder, we’ll have our last QUIZ at the start of Monday’s class (May 6).  Be sure to bring your CPLR and a pen, and arrive on time!  Please also be sure to have read C&W ch. 6 and CPLR sections 201 and 203 (a), (b) and (c), all on Statutes of Limitations.  For a preview of other information we’ll discuss Monday, see the “Class Notes” tab with materials posted for Monday’s class.  Also don’t forget, the final summons & complaint is due Wednesday, May 8.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, see you Monday!

Prof. C.

Summons & complaint extended deadline!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Excellent work today on service of papers!  Your final court observation memo is still due Wednesday, May 1.  However, as the syllabus notes, Monday May 6 is our next (and last) QUIZ, which will cover chapters 9, 10,  11, 12 and 14.  To facilitate your thorough preparation for it, as well as the necessary effort to produce a top-quality summons and complaint assignment, I have decided to extend the deadline for the final summons & complaint to Wednesday, May 8 (instead of Monday, May 6 as stated in the syllabus and discussed today).  I hope this is helpful for you.

See you Wednesday!

Prof. C.

This Summer, Mentorship Summit, National Trans Bar Association

Mentorship Summit

Over the summer the National Trans Bar Association will be kicking off a three (3) day mentorship summit geared towards attorneys and law students who are transgender (all variants of binary and non-binary genders). The summit is mostly geared towards upper level students and practicing attorneys. But given the intimacy and size of the community i’m sure undergrads will be welcome to. Also, all transgender students, are welcome to sign up for student membership via the website. The web domain is and is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Also there is a Trans Rights summit in Washington, DC on May 9. Details are also on the website. Feel free to share with any law students you may know that are transgender.

Aside from the one who’s posting this and already a member. 🙂

Kristen Browde sworn in as the president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater New York

Kristen Prata Browde being sworn in by Paul G. Feinman

Kristen Prata Browde, founder and board member of the National Trans Bar Association, was sworn in this Monday as the new and current president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater NY. Of course , it was only fitting, she was sworn in by Justice Paul G. Feinman, as he was not only a previous president of the LGBTQ bar of Greater NY, but the first openly gay justice sworn in to the NY State Court of Appeals.

Denim Day 2019 is This Week..

Denim Day 2018

I hope everyone is having a great holiday week

The call to action against sexual assault and violence continues. Tomorrow I will be taking to the steps of Staten Island borough hall yet again as the rally begins here tomorrow morning.

I also plan to be present at the city wide rally on Wednesday, as I also was last year, as Latisha James rallied for more supports for sexual assault survivors in the public schools

I invite everyone here to me. At either or both rallies

Thank you! and happy break!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

THANK YOU! for providing such a warm welcome, helpful guidance, and kind words about our program to the high school students today!  I think you made a terrific impression, and expect to see at least some of them here after they graduate.

I have posted the notes from today’s class, the assignments for the break, and an article on NYC school segregation to which you might want to post a response for extra credit!

Enjoy the break, see you April 29!

Prof. C.

Grades posted, change for Monday’s class

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have graded your court observation posts (posted as “comments”), and posted the grades for your homeworks and quiz #2.  For Monday’s class, you do NOT need to bring your copy of CUH2A Architects v. Pepsico.  However, if you CAN bring your copy of the Summons and Complaint assignment that I distributed, and the template complaint if you printed it out, that would be helpful!  If not, I’ll have extra copies.

Please see the newly named “JOBS & opp’s” tab, where I’ve posted information you might find interesting!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Prof. C.

Quiz key & templates POSTED!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have posted the answer key to quiz #2 under “Course Materials” and the template summons, complaint and verification that you may follow for the Summons & Complaint Assignment under “Assignments.”  I hope they are all helpful!

Have a pleasant evening,

Prof. C.

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