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Kristen Browde sworn in as the president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater New York

Kristen Prata Browde being sworn in by Paul G. Feinman

Kristen Prata Browde, founder and board member of the National Trans Bar Association, was sworn in this Monday as the new and current president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater NY. Of course , it was only fitting, she was sworn in by Justice Paul G. Feinman, as he was not only a previous president of the LGBTQ bar of Greater NY, but the first openly gay justice sworn in to the NY State Court of Appeals.

Denim Day 2019 is This Week..

Denim Day 2018

I hope everyone is having a great holiday week

The call to action against sexual assault and violence continues. Tomorrow I will be taking to the steps of Staten Island borough hall yet again as the rally begins here tomorrow morning.

I also plan to be present at the city wide rally on Wednesday, as I also was last year, as Latisha James rallied for more supports for sexual assault survivors in the public schools

I invite everyone here to me. At either or both rallies

Thank you! and happy break!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

THANK YOU! for providing such a warm welcome, helpful guidance, and kind words about our program to the high school students today!  I think you made a terrific impression, and expect to see at least some of them here after they graduate.

I have posted the notes from today’s class, the assignments for the break, and an article on NYC school segregation to which you might want to post a response for extra credit!

Enjoy the break, see you April 29!

Prof. C.

Grades posted, change for Monday’s class

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have graded your court observation posts (posted as “comments”), and posted the grades for your homeworks and quiz #2.  For Monday’s class, you do NOT need to bring your copy of CUH2A Architects v. Pepsico.  However, if you CAN bring your copy of the Summons and Complaint assignment that I distributed, and the template complaint if you printed it out, that would be helpful!  If not, I’ll have extra copies.

Please see the newly named “JOBS & opp’s” tab, where I’ve posted information you might find interesting!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Prof. C.

Ooooohhhhh .. I forgot I had these pictures from my trip up to Rochester ..

Appellate Division Fourth Department Rochester County

Loyal Litigants … I present to you the Appellate Division Fourth Department in Rochester:) I was so enamored to be staying up the street from it, I just had to snap shots of it. For those who want to . Sitting at the corner of E. Main and N. Chestnut. No i’m not making that up. As far as Rochester, just imagine somewhere between the personalities of Brooklyn and Albany but with less of a manic / overpopulated feel. And actually for those who went up to Albany; Rochester is a pretty progressive and ethnically diverse are inheriting it’s politics from more North of the Border.

That being said if you’re taking a passenger train or aircraft then prepare to be carded. Border Patrol and Homeland Security are super present up there since #45 took office.

M. Delores Denman Courthouse

Quiz key & templates POSTED!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have posted the answer key to quiz #2 under “Course Materials” and the template summons, complaint and verification that you may follow for the Summons & Complaint Assignment under “Assignments.”  I hope they are all helpful!

Have a pleasant evening,

Prof. C.

Like the old expression goes Quiz Today, Court Draft on Wednesday.

Early to bed, early to class allows Abby to kick some...

OK m. Maybe not an old expression. Like it was from way back at 8am this morning  Anyway don’t forget the Quiz is at the begining of class today . Focus on 4,5,8, and 12. I recommend also giving  some attention to 9 as well to be on the safe side.

Also get those court memorandum drafts tied up. According to the class memo they’re due on Wednesday…

Info for Monday’s class! (quiz, etc.)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Don’t forget!  Tomorrow’s class will start with a QUIZ covering “Parties and Claims” (ch. 4), “Causes of Action and Remedies” (ch. 5), “Commencing the Action” (ch. 8).  As always, review all of your own class notes, the class notes posted here under the “Class Notes” tab, the assigned readings, and any other materials you find useful, bring your CPLR, and arrive on time!

PLEASE bring your copy of the CUH2A Architects v. Pepsico complaint (linked under “class notes”).  We’ll work with it!  Also, under the “Assignments” tab, I’ve posted answer keys for the assignments on chapter 11 and questions 1-4 in the Summons & Complaint assignment that you completed for this past Wednesday.

See you tomorrow!

Prof. C.

Court Observation

Friday, March 22 I visited the New York Supreme Court, Kings County located on 360 Adams St. I had agreed to meet up with Sandra at 9 or 9:30 being the latest, but in the process I got the courts mixed up and ended up in criminal court. It was getting a bit late and I asked one of the guards if there was an exit that would leave me closer to get to the Supreme Court, unfortunately he said no but he was very kind and told me that if I decided to stay and watch a case at this court  to go up to either the 8th or the 11th floor. I decided to go with Sandra because the case she got was a civil case and not criminal. Luckily I made it on time and we got to the room 2 minutes before the case was supposed to start. After all the rushing and hurrying to get there on time, we sat in the room for 30 minutes, waiting, because the defendant was late. The case was about a contract in which the plaintiff accused the defendant of not completing the task he asked for within the time frame agreed on and on top of that, the defendant also owed him money. At first this didn’t sound like an interesting case at all but once you’re sitting there and you hear all the evidence presented and the actions that were done you begin to doubt who was really the victim in the situation. In the end nothing was decided, the judge ended the session and asked everyone to come back on Monday of the following week at 10 am again. I hope the defendant made it on time to this one.

Court Observation

On April 5th around 11:40 am I entered Criminal court on 330 Jay st and proceeded to go upstairs to the clerk office. As I entered I asked the clerk if there was any trials taking place and if I’m allowed to sit in on one of the them. The clerk then proceeded to tell me that due to it being a Friday that not a lot of cases are taking place due to judges leaving early but he would call and see if there was any. As we waited we took a look around the office which he then proceeded to tell us that there was no trials going on and to check back Monday. Due to this being the last day to turn the project in I then went over to 360 Adams st which is New York Supreme Court ( Civil Term )  Kings County.  As I entered through the side doors I was thrown for a loop ; I went through scanning and into the County Clerk room where I stepped up to Window 1 and questioned Where would I be able to observe a court case for an assignment. The clerk then gave me a list of confusing instructions where all I remembered was to take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  As I got to the second floor I walked all the way to the back where Surrogate Court Help Center and asked them the same question ; this time I received much clearer instructions and an actual court case to sit in on. As I approached room 363 Judge Ingrid Joseph allowed me to sit in on her case of Negligence. It was case of the Plaintiff slipping on a raised sidewalk and falling on the Defendant’s property ; as remedy the Plaintiff is suing for $2 Million.

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