Author: Ana

Court Observation

Friday, March 22 I visited the New York Supreme Court, Kings County located on 360 Adams St. I had agreed to meet up with Sandra at 9 or 9:30 being the latest, but in the process I got the courts mixed up and ended up in criminal court. It was getting a bit late and I asked one of the guards if there was an exit that would leave me closer to get to the Supreme Court, unfortunately he said no but he was very kind and told me that if I decided to stay and watch a case at this court  to go up to either the 8th or the 11th floor. I decided to go with Sandra because the case she got was a civil case and not criminal. Luckily I made it on time and we got to the room 2 minutes before the case was supposed to start. After all the rushing and hurrying to get there on time, we sat in the room for 30 minutes, waiting, because the defendant was late. The case was about a contract in which the plaintiff accused the defendant of not completing the task he asked for within the time frame agreed on and on top of that, the defendant also owed him money. At first this didn’t sound like an interesting case at all but once you’re sitting there and you hear all the evidence presented and the actions that were done you begin to doubt who was really the victim in the situation. In the end nothing was decided, the judge ended the session and asked everyone to come back on Monday of the following week at 10 am again. I hope the defendant made it on time to this one.

Who Am I?

My name is Ana and I am majoring in Law and Paralegal Studies because I’ve always been intrigued by history and how the government system works. I feel like the law is seen as such a corrupt and unfair system here in the United States but thats probably because there are rules and procedures that have to be followed and thats something that many people fail to comprehend. I don’t really know much of this subject because I just transferred from Nursing into Law and Paralegal and I know that these two majors are completely different and may not have much in common but I do have a high interest for both of these areas of study. Something that I wanted to do in this course and I actually already found out that we will be doing, is visiting a court. I have been to criminal and family courts but I’ve never really payed much attention because I didn’t really know what to pay attention to but now this is something that I am very much looking forward to. I am a freshman in college and this is my second semester. I live in the Bronx  with my mom, my two brothers and my two dogs. I consider my two dogs as my kids. One of them is a miniature poodle, his name is Andy and he will be turning 8 years old on April 15. My other dog is a mixed Dalmatian, he is still a baby, he will be 6 months old by February 05 and his name is Leo. Andy was given to us by my uncle who moved and couldn’t take him to his new place anymore and Leo was picked up by me from Mexico earlier in December of last year.