Ladies and Gentlemen!

Don’t forget!  Tomorrow’s class will start with a QUIZ covering “Parties and Claims” (ch. 4), “Causes of Action and Remedies” (ch. 5), “Commencing the Action” (ch. 8).  As always, review all of your own class notes, the class notes posted here under the “Class Notes” tab, the assigned readings, and any other materials you find useful, bring your CPLR, and arrive on time!

PLEASE bring your copy of the CUH2A Architects v. Pepsico complaint (linked under “class notes”).  We’ll work with it!  Also, under the “Assignments” tab, I’ve posted answer keys for the assignments on chapter 11 and questions 1-4 in the Summons & Complaint assignment that you completed for this past Wednesday.

See you tomorrow!

Prof. C.