Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have posted your midterm exam grades, your midsemester status grades (P/BL/U), grades for all of your homework assignments (each one graded out of 4) and your grade for Quiz #1 (out of 40) in the “GradeBook” linked at the bottom right corner of this page.   The midsemester grade (P/BL/U) reflects your what your grade would likely be if the semester were to end today, based on your performance so far: P means “likely to pass”; BL means “borderline”; and U means “unlikely to pass.”  Keep in mind that in law courses, 75 is passing.  There’s still plenty of time to improve!  (Or to decrease, but I don’t expect you’ll do that.)  We’ll discuss that more on Monday.

In case you’d like to get a head start on extra credit for the final exam, I’ve posted a few new articles under the “Articles” tab.  Of course, you’re welcome to post on legal news articles you find on your own.  Please always be sure to follow the instructions for the assignment (under the “Assignments” tab) so you can earn maximum credit!

The assignment for our next class (Mon. March 18) is also posted under “Assignments.”  Enjoy the weekend, happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Prof. C.