Who I Am ?

I am proud to be doing my schooling at City Tech for its great Law curriculum to choose from an A.B.A. degree program as a Paralegal, and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Law! Certainly, I will keep studying towards my law career as an attorney with a concentration in Constitutional law. What, I am looking from this program is to get educated professionally and be able to be prepared to compete for a good job in the market.

My ultimate goal is to do some work for a homeless advocacy group while, I continue studying for my degree. I believe that serving to others who suffer and are afflicted for their misfortunes in life is of great reward for the soul and especially, because I do not judge their past. Thank you.



  1. Kerin E. Coughlin

    Hi Sergio, we’re proud to have you in our program! I agree that volunteering to help others who are less fortunate is very rewarding for everyone involved. I’d be happy to talk about ways to do that.
    Prof. C.

    • sbaez101

      Thanks Prof.! This is something that I would like to get involved with after, I get better organized with my overall daily time table between school, work, and rest. I know that the training and expertise in how to become an effective advocate comes from an incredible network of awesome lawyers and volunteers who are committed to become engaged in progressive causes for social change. I would like to be one of them. Thanks!

  2. Marlo Cordo

    I totally agree!

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