Esteemed Students,

I sincerely apologize for this late notice, but today’s class meeting on Zoom is CANCELLED due to technical difficulties!  My laptop, through which I access Zoom, will not turn on.  🙁  Later today I will post an assignment that covers the material we were scheduled to discuss (legal research and analysis).  I apologize for this last-minute change!  Hopefully I can get the problem resolved so we can meet as scheduled on Wednesday.

Have a great day!

Prof. C.



GradeBook updated!

Esteemed Students!

I have updated the GradeBook here to include your grades on last week’s quizzes in both courses, and to reflect any extra credit points earned by posts for which extra credit was offered (RBG, “Our Stories” and legal news responses).  For those of you who earned such points, nless you requested otherwise, I added all of them to your lower midterm exam grade.  Feel free to make sure I did the math correctly!

Have a pleasant evening, see you Friday!

Prof. C.

HINT!! for assignment due tomorrow (Civ Pro)

Esteemed Students,

If you’re finding the homework due tomorrow challenging (Summons & complaint assignment questions 1-5, including first draft summons), you may want to check out the “class notes & materials” for tomorrow’s class that I just posted!  Notes aren’t there yet, but materials are–and I think you’ll find some of them quite helpful.  🙂

If you still find the assignment challenging, just do your best, send it to me by 1pm tomorrow so I can give you credit, and we’ll review it in class.

Have a pleasant evening,

Prof. C.

Today’s notes & news articles posted!

Lovely Students!

DON’T FORGET!  On Wednesday Nov. 11, we’ll meet on Zoom at 11:30am like usual, then we’ll end about 12:15 so you can go to Blackboard to take Quiz #3.  I posted the notes from today’s class under “Class notes & materials,” they include several items that you MIGHT see on the quiz! 🙂  I STRONGLY encourage you to review them.  I also posted links to the various ethical rules we discussed, including NALA and NFPA’s paralegal ethics guidelines.

In addition, I posted several new articles under the “articles” tab, some related to the election (that you may use for the “election response” assignment if you didn’t post it yet, which you can still do that through the end of today) and some not election-related but still interesting.  Everyone is welcome to post responses to any of these articles, or other law-related articles that you find, for extra credit, at any time!

Have a pleasant evening and Tuesday, I look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Prof. C.




REPLY to this post before Friday’s class!

Esteemed Students!

In prep for our discussion of commencing actions in Civ Pro class on Friday Nov. 6, please review this actual summons and complaint filed in the New York Supreme Court case of CUH2A v. Pepsico.  Do your best to understand it!  By 1pm Friday, please post a short “reply” to THIS POST stating your thoughtful response or reaction to the documents, and/or one or more questions you have about them.

See you Friday,

Prof. C.

REPLY to this post before Monday’s class!

Esteemed Students!

In prep for our discussion of ethics and professional responsibility in Intro class on Monday Nov. 9, please read Sussman v. Grado, a New York trial court decision about a paralegal who engaged in unauthorized practice of law!!  (Oh no!)  By 10am Monday, please post a short “reply” to THIS POST stating your thoughtful response or reaction to the case, and/or one or more questions you have about it.


Prof. C.


Happy Election Day! & tomorrow’s class

Good afternoon!

I hope you’re all having a pleasant and peaceful Election Day.  DON’T FORGET!  to read or watch ANYTHING about the election (news article, TV coverage, social media, etc.), and by 10am tomorrow (Wed.) write a post about it here on OL, describing what you read or watched and explaining your personal response, reaction, opinion etc.  Include a link if possible!  See “Assignments” tab for details, and here are instructions for posting and for including links.  Here are some sources of news articles, which are constantly being updated: The New York Times, CNN, NY1 (local NYC news), and Fox.  Or choose something else!

For tomorrow’s class, please also review the advisement and registration resources linked under the “Class notes & materials” tab, and bring any questions!

Enjoy the rest of your day, see you tomorrow 11:30am!

Prof. C.

For Friday’s class!

Esteemed Students!

If you have a few minutes before our Civ Pro class tomorrow (Fri. Oct. 30, 2:30pm), please read this article that provides a startling example of one of the “remedies” covered in C&W ch. 5 and that we’ll discuss:

If you’d prefer to write your pre-class “thoughtful response” email about  this article, rather than chs. 5 and 6, you are welcome to do so!  (You still have to read chs. 5 and 6.)

See you tomorrow!

Prof. C.

Midterm exam grades & midsemester status POSTED!

Good rainy afternoon!

I have posted everyone’s midterm exam grades and mid-semester status!  (P=currently passing, BL=borderline, U=unsatisfactory/currently unlikely to pass the course)  Check out the GradeBooks for both courses.  The midterm exam grades do not include extra credit points for “Our Stories,” Justice Ginsburg, or legal news posts  (They DO include points for the bonus questions on the exams.)  Students who earned points for those posts may choose to add them to either exam grade, or divide them between the two exams, or save some or all of them to add to your final exam grade.  Let me know what you’d like to do!  Otherwise I’ll just add all of your points to your lower exam grade.

We will meet for class tomorrow!  Civ Pro, 2:30-5pm.  As noted under “Assignments,” please read C&W chs. 5 & 6 (on Blackboard), and by 1pm tomorrow, please email me a short response or question(s) that show that you read and thought about the material.  Remember, these pre-class emails are not accepted late!

Thank you, to those who met with me about your research for our collaborative assignment! I have no more available times for the meetings required for that assignment.  If you did not meet with me, you will need to identify a legal source on your own.

Don’t forget to vote!  I voted yesterday, it was (relatively) quick and easy, and EXTREMELY empowering!  I got on the line at City Tech  about 1:30pm and it was loooooooooooong but it moved quickly, so I was finished in less than one hour!  And I got prizes, see photo below!  Early voting continues through Sunday Nov. 1, or you can vote on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 3, and you can drop off absentee ballots at any of the early voting sites or your county’s Board of Elections office without waiting on a line on any of those days.  Find out your assigned site for voting early or on Election Day (Tuesday) at  If you have questions about any of this, let me know and I’ll help you if I can! 


Have a lovely afternoon and evening, see you tomorrow 2:30pm!


Prof. C

NO class today!

Good morning!  Just a reminder, we will NOT meet for LAW 1101 (Intro) today (Wed. Oct. 28).  Your individual meetings with me about legal sources for your English Unit 2 project count for today’s session.  Most of your midterm exam grades should now be available on Blackboard.  (There are a few exams I need to follow up on and will make those grades available soon.)  The grades are NOT yet posted in the GradeBook here on OL, those also will be posted soon!

Have a great day!

Prof. C.