Court Observation

 First of all, as I start watching a court case. I quickly realized that whatever I saw in the movies like how The case get started in the court and How the lawyer present themselves. Furthermore, as I was watching it was very complicated. However, I tried my best to observe what happened in this case. Therefore as I observed that this case is about the adoption of intellectually disabled adult women. This case took place on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, in the New York state court of appeals. A woman who is disabled and she do not have the capacity and not capable of providing consent. According to the doctors she is considered As not able to give consent. Although petitioner could submit an application in the court for adaptation. 


I observed that they were talking own each other. Like they didn’t stop when one is speaking and then when the person is done then another person can speak. One thing that I find interesting is that if she can’t give her consent verbally then why can’t she give in the writing. In addition, there was no witness therefore I think there should be at least one witness. One thing that is not worthy is when the judge asked A question to a lawyer. Then a lawyer was unable to answer it. Why is that? The question was that the judge asked Wass to explain the operation of the legislature?


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