WE WILL MEET TOMORROW! (Wed. Dec. 2, 11:30am)

Esteemed Students,

I apologize again for the last-minute cancellation of yesterday’s class!  I hope you all enjoyed your “Intro-free” day.  We WILL meet tomorrow!  Wed. Dec. 2, 11:30am-12:45pm at the regular Zoom link.  We’ll discuss legal research and analysis, so please review M&M ch. 7, and take a look at these two important recent slip opinions (see M&M p. 191 for definition!) that we’ll discuss as examples of the “Types of Appellate Court Decisions” described on M&M p. 201, Exhibit 7.8: First, this unanimous decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit rejecting the Trump campaign’s challenge to Pennsylvania’s election results–it’s extremely well-written, and you’ll understand the outcome from just the introduction (pp. 1-3) and conclusion (pp. 20-21).  Second is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision invalidating Governor Cuomo’s limits on attendance at religious services in NYC “orange” and “red zones,” which includes a majority opinion (the first, starting with the words “Per Curiam”), followed by two concurring opinions (starting at pp. 8 and 15), then a whopping three dissenting opinions!  (starting at pp. 20, 23, and 29).

Have a pleasant evening, see you tomorrow!

Prof. C.


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