Annoying ways people use Quotes

In Stedmans essay I learned about picky eaters and the way writers have to deal with them because of the random quotations and in the text he says ” I find that teachers do a disservice when we fail to alert students to the kind of things that some readers might be annoyed at—however illogical these things sometimes seem. ” and I also learned about Armadillo Roadkill which is “dropping in a quotation without introducing it first” which I never knew about because when I read I just read I never notice the quotations of even bother to notice where the quotations come from. And when I connect this to legal writings I realized that paralegals have to make sure that they analyze everything and their sources in order to move on and processed. Everything has to be accurate.

In my source entry on “Relationships” I used a legal source which talks about young girls being trafficked for sex and in the text it said how “ In order to stop the perpetuation and revictimization of sexually exploited youth, states should join the movement in passing safe Harbor laws, modeled on existing New York Law” which means that states should join together to stop girls from being trafficked and that was a quote that I used from the source, Now what I did wring was put the link to the legal source that I used so that people can see that source that I was using quotes from  and that was something that some picky readers according to Stedman don’t like

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