FYLC Assignment #3


1- I learned from Stedman’s essay that The writers Neglect sometimes to keep the reader on track about the book. In addition, it gets more harder when readers think that you’re unaware. Primary sources of law are authoritative and state law. They come from official parties. They include treaties, decisions of courts etc. Furthermore, a memorandum is a written paper that used in a company. In these papers, we can include the vocabulary words spelling correct format etc. The most important thing that a writer should give is to keep The reader connected to the point of you of the book. 

2- In the article “WHOSE CHOICE? PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION AND THE ARMED FORCES”. In this article, the author talks about the soldiers that they have to take drugs and different kind of medicines to stay on the field. As given in the article “In military combat settings,1 the use of psychotropic medications can be highly desirable for myriad reasons: for performance enhancement; to stay awake and alert for long periods of time; as a way to calm nerves in *202 highly stressful situations; to ease the symptoms of depression or anxiety disorders; or to preserve the mental health of the service members2 in combat. Service members experience various coercive pressures in their relationships with mental health treatment and psychotropic medications”. This quote states that the soldiers need different kinds of medicines to stay alert in the Warfield in addition even if they want to sleep they have to take some kind of drug to sleep. I used I can’t find the stupid link because I just jump right into the topic are you used I can’t find the stupid link because I just jump right into the topic.

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