1. I learned from Stedman’s essay that readers will get frustrated and not take you seriously when you do not properly use a source to contribute to your text. They will judge you if you have not properly cited or quoted your work and instead choose to think of what you are trying to say as unreliable. I learned It is very hard to write something studious without constantly quoting a previous source, some times even if you think you have an original idea that belongs solely to you, someone may have written it and been accredited for it before you. This is even more true in legal writing. You will constantly be referring to previous legal writing and sources to justify your work and what you say to give it any merit. For example, our legal source entries that we used law journal articles to write would not be taken seriously by our professor had we not appropriately used and cited the source when necessary.
  2. My quotable from the source entry was about how the author believed the judgment made in the case was correct and i did not agree with his blatant bias in the way the article was written. I believe i used “dating Spider-Man” correctly in my source entry. Stedman says that their are times when starting a paragraph or essay with a quoting is appropriate and in same cases can make it more powerful. In my case, i was simply answering it like a question from the prompt.

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