Legal source entry

My legal source entry is a Harvard civil rights-civil liberties law review written by Louis W Fisher. Essentially the article focuses on the legalities behind gentrification, and the legal bases of its occurrence. While also applying factual evidence, along with laws and bans in place to inform readers on what is acceptable in the world of gentrification.

The legal source entry begins by informing the reader that since the 1970’s researchers have been studying the phenomenon that is gentrification. They then go on to say that a lot of modern day debates on gentrification focus on the relocation of long time residents and them being left without a home often. This occurs from San Francisco all the way to New York. The paper states “The feelings of frustration and marginalization among longtime residents who are displaced by gentrification are magnified as landlords often turn to aggressive and abusive tactics”. Meaning that not only are citizens impacted negatively by the fact that they are moved out of their homes and onto the streets, but also by how they are treated by people in higher power. An implication of this can be seen in the last source entry in which Ray Tirado’s landlords would not bring in a plumber for his building and essentially let the building fall apart around him in order to get him out of there. Further illustrating the negative effects gentrification can have on individuals.  The text also states that mayor bill de Blasio at the time attempted to do a rent freeze which ended up having little to no real effect, and was thus deemed unsuccessful. Another piece of important information is also presented in which the text explains that landlords who aggressively push buyout offers may be violating § 349 ban against misleading or deceptive acts if they are insinuating that they will not allow said tenet to renew their lease when it expires. Showing that there are laws and bans in place to combat landlords using bad tactics in order to get a tenant to move out of their home or be bought out.

I utilized this last source to provide legal information in order to back up my previous notion that gentrification had many effects whilst also answering my question as to why and how it negatively affects people. If I could ask the writer one thing I would ask if there were any court cases or acts that went against gentrification in general and not allowing landlords to raise prices or move tenants out in general regardless if they give them a notice or there is a buyout.

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