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Have you ever found it to be baffling that in some places adolescent females are not able to make decisions on their own about abortions, but can make certain legal consent decisions like sexual intercourse, receiving contraception/birth control,going through childbirth and becoming a mother or giving up the baby for adoption? I find this topic to be of interest because as a teen I always wanted to become a mom. Thankfully, I am glad that God had other plans for me and I was able to graduate high school and go off to college.I had my child at 21 and still I faced the pressure of responsibility it takes to care for yourself and another person.Motherhood is not easy, so I can imagine what it is like for a teen, especially if they did not feel like they were ready to become a mother and is forced by the government to have a 3rd party make decisions for her.


In this law review, the writer indicates many valid reasoning on why she felt teenage girls should have their own saying when it involves life changing decisions such as terminating a pregnancy.In some places, teenagers are forced to get consent or notify their parents if they wanted to get an abortion. In many cases, going to a parent could be inconvenient. Some teenagers did not live with parents, and some parents were even alcohol and drug abusers, how could they make such decisions ? Also, if a minor wanted to prove to a judge why she felt she did not want her parents to grant her permission, the judge was able to waive the parental permission, this was referred to as a Judicial Bypass. The Judicial Bypass did not work in favor for some, because it can leave a minor in danger if they face domestic and sexual abuse in the home from the parent. In the article , it was said that in 2010 , teen pregnancies and child birth cost U.S. tax payers 9.4 billion for increased health and foster care, increased incarnation rates for children of teen parents and lost tax revenue due to lower education and income of teen mothers*166. As you can see, the decision is left to a third party who did not have to bare the responsibility of caring for the child and to live a struggle life if they denied her option to abortion.

A pregnant persons decision is between her and her doctor.In my opinion, I feel as though if a person does not want to have a child, they should grant that person that right. Many children grow up in abusive homes from parents who were not mentally or financially ready to bring a child into the world. Many woman suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which leaves a heavy weight on the child.The person who has to deal with the consequences of bringing a child into this world should be able to make her own choices on whether she wants to do so if she is capable of making other mature decisions.

“Each child is an individual person, not merely an adjunct to this world; children are neither supplements to the lives of adults or accessories to surrounding adult. Children are not merely passive recipients of environmental and parental impact.”

“A mature child’s right to make her own decision regarding abortion and contraception is constitutionally protected from state or parental interference.”


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