Civ Pro midterm is available!

Good morning!

Don’t forget, we will not meet on Zoom for class today!  Instead, you’ll take your Civil Procedure (LAW 1103) midterm exam during any two-hour period between now and 6pm today.  The exam is now available on Blackboard, under “Content.”  You need to take the exam in one sitting, so once you start it, you must complete and submit it before logging off Blackboard.  If you have any questions, you may contact me until 3pm through our regular course Zoom link , and anytime by phone  at 718.260.4939.  You may email me but I may not be able to respond promptly.  Please don’t text me.

On Monday Oct. 25, we WILL meet on Zoom 11:30am like usual for Intro (1101).  We’ll discuss FYLC Collaborative Assignment #2 where you’ll choose a legal source that relates to your English Unit 2 project.  If you have not already done so, PLEASE send me an email describing your topic for English Unit 2, and identifying three (3) half-hour blocks when you are available to meet next week.  See “Assignments” tab for details.

Good luck on the exam, have a restful weekend, see you Monday!

Prof. C.

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