Homework 09/08/2020

11:20- First alarm goes off which i ignore

11:25- second alarm goes off, I wake up and brush my teeth and wash my face as I’m logging into zoom

11:30-3:30- I’m in zoom while making breakfast and watching my siblings. I take notes and sometimes get distracted.

4:00-I leave my house to go to work

4:30- I go into work

7:30- I go on break usually around this time for 30 minutes

8:00- I come back from break

9:30- I close and go home

10:30-11:30- I shower and eat

11:30- I take time for myself for the rest of the night to watch tv or do anything that needs to be done

1:00- I usually get started on homework if I haven’t found time to do it before

3:00- I go to sleep



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