Sample resumes to review! Reply due 10am Wed.

Esteemed Students,

Please review the sample resumes below, choose one, and post a “reply” to this post identifying which resume you’re addressing, and stating at least one compliment (something that is good) and one suggestion on how it could be improved.  You can write more if you’d like!

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26 thoughts on “Sample resumes to review! Reply due 10am Wed.

  1. The Resume that I am addressing is Micky Mouse Resume.
    I really liked that Micky has a lot of amazing experience, in addition, it is related to his dream job I guess that sounds a paralegal. One thing that I would like to tell Micky is that he must keep updating his Resume as he gets more experience and more studying.

  2. Examine the resume by Clark Kent, I have noticed his organization and detail and it’s a pretty impressive resume. I don’t think there’s much he can change otherwise other than gaining more experience. Also, not making everything so spaced out since by creating so many spaces I feel the interviewer is going to have to look all around to find certain details. Things should be compacted, but not too compacted. Otherwise, it is a great resume.

  3. Daisy Duck resume review

    While reading this resume, I appreciate how Daisy Duck made certain she hit every important key point that are crucial to employers when hiring.

    What I would suggest to Ms. Duck is to proofread her entire resume. It consisted of many grammar and punctuation errors.

  4. Addressing Mickey Mouse’s Resume

    One compliment on Mickey’s resume is how organized and formatted it is. When it comes to resume’s it is pivotal for them to be formatted in a particular way so the reader can grasp as much information from top to bottom.

    One suggestion on Mickey’s resume is collecting his words in bullet point form instead of paragraphs because, bullet points give me a sense of everything being “short and sweet” and by putting it in paragraphs he’s throwing his words into sentences which will make his resume look cluttered.

  5. The resume I’ll be talking about is Daisy Duck. I really like how she has a lot of experience regarding finance and costumer service. The one thing she could improve or work on is that organization. Because her resume is pretty sure and just mainly about experience which really isn’t enough for a job.

  6. I’m addressing Yolanda Suarez
    One compliment I have is she was very meticulous, mentioning important tasks that she has done to captivating whoever is reading her resume to hire her.
    One suggestion I will have is mentioning more skills such as her experience in computer, or other skills she probably has more than one and using more powerful action verbs.

  7. The resume that I will be addressing is Clark Kent’s. One thing that I like that he did is, he included the places he worked/volunteered for and he explained what he did in each location. One thing he should have done is add more information in his objective. I believe that his objective didn’t show why the employer should hire him.

  8. The resume i chose to talk about was Clark Kent’s. I like how he gave his educational background and prior work experience. However his resume may fall short with employers because his work experience does not express his interest in law or the paralegal field.

  9. The Resume that I will be addressing is Daisy Duck. A couple of things that I like about what she did is she basically included all the things that are needed in a resume . For example we needed Skill’s, work experiences, and where she went school at. She gave them her info as well which is what people tend to put on their resumes. While she did the things that she needed to do I feel as if she should of added way more to her skills being that she worked at all those places.Also I feel as if she should of spaced out her skills like how Mickey Mouse did when he wrote his accomplishments.

  10. The resume that i reviewed was Daisy duck. I liked how the resume was organized like each of her experiences were organized by years starting from the year she first started working till the end. One thing i can suggest is that the skills section part of the resume should be more detailed then just one sentence.

  11. I am referring to Clark Kents resume. I believe that his resume is good and well organized. He has his contact/ important information at the top and he makes sure to list all his other info below in a linear way. He also utilizes bold to bring attention to the fact that the topics are being split up on the sheet. If i were him i would fix the spacing or try not to use italics as too much is going on in general.

  12. The resume I’m addressing is Clark Kent’s. I believe his resume is actually very good and well organized. He separated the time frame for each working experience. Which I think is great so not everything is in one side and bundle up. Which makes it easier and fast for an employer to read through it. On suggestion I would say to Clark is to not use so much fancy letter. Also instead of spearing his sales associate description he should added it under his Models working experience. Overall, the outline of his resume is really good.

  13. The resume I’m addressing is Clark Kents. I like they way he formatted and organized his resume. He left all of his contact information above in a clear and neat manner. I also like how he was clear and to the point about what he did at his previous jobs. However I feel like he should have underlined his job positions, rather than do this in a different font. If he were to fix that I feel like he would have a good resume.

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