Amy Tan response by Theodore

(This is Theodore’s response but he’s having technical difficulties so I’m posting it for him!  ~KC)

In “Mother tongue” by Amy tan, there are a number of legal issues that can be seen. While the social racism towards Amy’s mother because of her language barrier is clearly evident. The issue I find more disturbing is the instance of the hospital losing her mother’s CAT scan. Benign tumors or not, a hospital losing medical information and causing their patient distress can clearly be seen as a gross form of medical malpractice, especially given the hospitals blasé attitude toward losing it. It was only until Amy voiced her mother’s concerns in a “socially accepted” english that the hospital took her mother seriously. I took this issue rather personally because my own father was hospitalized for a year of his life and reading things of this nature upsets me.

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  1. Theodore, great job! I’m not sure losing the information quite qualifies as malpractice but it’s definitely negligent. I appreciate how you relate the story to events in your own life. Keep up the great work!

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