Books for Law in Culture review!

Hi all, if you haven’t chosen a cultural source for the review, this link shows some books I’d be happy to lend you.  Inherit the Wind is a play about the Scopes Monkey Trial, which was about teaching evolution in schools (versus creationism), it’s quite short!  A Civil Action is about a real toxic tort case, where a company dumped chemicals that made lots of people sick, I had to read it for my Civil Procedure class in my first year of law school.  The Other Slavery is about the enslavement of Native Americans, and White Trash is a series of essays about different historical figures (Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Presley!) and how they and their lives reflected class distinctions and discrimination.  Remember, if you choose to use a book for your review, you only have to read 150 pages of it!

If you’re interested in any of these books, let me know and we’ll figure out a way to get them to you.


Prof. C.


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