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My name is Daziah Rowe. I have just started my 1st year as a freshman in college , and my major is in paralegal studies. Around my 10th grade year in high school I have taken a real big intrest in law. Being able to speak up for the ones who have gotten their voice taken is my main goal for my future career as a criminal lawyer. Where I take on cases in which plenty of individuals have faced many of the injustices within are current system is my main goal. I don’t know but i feel as if we need more individuals to speak up for what is happening around the world, to be a activist for the injustice not only in America but all over is one of my biggest goal. I feel as if everyone’s voice should be heard ,and hopefully i could be someone who helps people get their voice heard.

Another hobby in which I have is writing and sometimes painting. Writing is my way of escaping this world. I use it to express my trouble, concerns, and fears for my future, and the new generation. I guess this is my way of coping with things that I face within my own life but overall writing is probably something that I am 2nd most passionate in. Also I am not an amazing painter nor am I an artist but I feel like painting is something that helps relive the stress that I face. Also I love to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Hi Daziah, I noticed that we both have a strong interest in law and we want to become lawyers. Maybe not in the same category but I totally agree with you. In how we as future lawyers can be able to help others with all these injustices in the world.

  2. Hi Daziah! You and I both want to become criminal lawyers and for the same reason! I really hope we get the chance to talk about it one on one in the future! I loved how you expressed your admiration for activism and wanting change and I completely agree with you! I believe your hobby for writing will help you achieve your goal for becoming a lawyer as well! I wish you the best of luck this school year!!

  3. Thanks Daziah! An important job of lawyers is to be the “voice for the voiceless.” That’s great that you want to take on that challenging task. Your love of writing will also serve you well in law, in your practice and as a stress-reliever! I hope you’re enjoying our course. Prof. C.

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