Who I am

I am Mian Hamza. I am a freshman in City tech. My major is Law and Paralegal Studies. I chose this major because I love Law and most likely it’s related to History and my history is really good. In my free time I like to listen to songs and to play squash in the park.

I live with my dad in the Bronx. Most of the time I cook food at home. Rather then that I am mostly alone.

3 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Hello Mian,

    I like your introduction, it is short and sweet. I don’t know what squash is but that seems like a lot of fun, and I like to listen to songs too, especially in my free time. Nice to meet you.

    • Dear Zainab,
      I hope you are doing well and had a great weekend. Thank you for that greatful thought about my post. Furthermore, Squash is a great sport to stay fit it’s like you have racket and a ball you hit the ball with the racket then the ball hit the wall and then u hit again with the racket when it come close ot you therefore, you just have to repeat that thing over and over until you u get tired or lost the ball. I read your blog post that you like BTS I really don’t kown wha us BTS. I like Anime some how. Music is my favorite thing. pleasure meeting you too.

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