The Take Away

What I learned from CHOYCES is communication is the main key. Because at the very beginning I was confusing about what to do, they put me in a group chat with my department and they were already talking about it and I asked if that involves with me but no answer. And honestly, I was kinda scared to talk to my boss and ask what to do. A week later, they assigned a new task and that’s where my actual internship started. I just wish they told me earlier not to worry about it and that I start next week. Another thing I learned from the internship is teamwork. Everyone is giving each other feedback, creating new ideas, and what the company could improve on. One thing I wish is learning a new skill but that didn’t happen besides using the programs I was familiar with and using zoom.

Time Management

At one point my management came a little bad because of midterm and this is something new for me to manage. Been working midterms projects and essay and trying to make good as possible and I forgot about my internship but later on I let my team know that I may slack off due to midterms. At this point I learned that communication is always important. Keep them update, if a work is going to delay always notified them. If I didn’t let them know earlier I think I wouldn’t be in the internship no more.

Planner Updates

When the planner was assigned at the beginning, a week later it was update with more information. So the planner is mainly for elementary and middle school. They want the planner to be a year planner and they want quotes to be added because they believe it will motivate them to continue with their work. What I did so far is creating the cover, a calendar and next to the calendar there’s a important section where the students could  write their important notes. Next I made a planner after the calendar.


Sometimes some of the flyers I’ve been working on was inspired by online and I used them as references. Reason is that in my company there’s no guidelines on creating flyers as long it has their logo. When the flyers are done we get feedback to do some tweaks and from there get the final results. One of the flyers I did was Epilepsy Awareness flyer, I did a little research what is it about and from there I look up some example flyers to get the idea.

Planner Project

Currently we are assigned to create a planner for the kids where they could write there assignments, there goals, and some notes. Everyone in my department are involved in this project and they are able to be creative in this process. So I start of with some sketches,  from there I transfer it to indesign, and continue working on the planner.


About CHOYCES, is Creatively Helping Our Youth Conquer education & Success. They focus on tutoring and educational consultant. There’s about 40 employee at CHOYCES and there’s different set of departments. Marketing, IT, Graphic Design, Videography, Photographers, Tutor, Writers, and more. The thing I like about CHOCYES is whenever a new member joins the team, we all welcome them or whenever it’s someone birthday we all wish them a happy birthday. CHOYCES is caring, calm, and lovable company and of course hardworking. 


Whenever we are assign a task and it involves with flyers, there’s no guidelines. In other words we could do whatever, we could be creative and having fun with the flyers. As long we put the company logo we are good. As soon we are done with the flyers we send it to the whatsapp chat and we either get some feedback from our coworkers or our boss and sometimes we get good comments. One more thing, when we share our flyers to the chat our boss just ask to add or get rid of some of the things and from there we just edit it.


The webinar I attended  was base on camera. Reason why I decided to attend this webinar is because I am interesting photography and the topic is focusing on mirrorless camera. I’ve heard a lot of things about mirrorless cameras from friends and social media so this gives me another reason to join to see if it is true. The whole webinar was explaining on why mirrorless is better than DSLR and not going to lie I am impress on certain things they point out . What I like about this webinar is how the speaker is trying to sell it audience. It’s their tone or how to use the proper words to get there audience attention.


The way I communicated with my co workers and my boss is in WhatsApp. Im in three group chats. One is with the whole company, the other is with  videographer and photography, and the next group chat is my department, graphic design. Whenever my department is assigned a task, we get the work done and send it to the group chat and asked for feedback. That way it builds connection and see what fits or not. Recently, my department met the new leader for our department and spoke about special projects and we asked questions for better understanding. At first, everyone was shy and then we got comfortable each others since we asked questions and some feedback on communications and work.