Field Trip at the UFT

At the UFT Print Shop, it is a safe environment, the instructor was very well explain on each printers that they have. Each station has there own safety and it’s a one man job or two mans job for the printers. I was impressed with cutting machine because it could cut up to at least fifty papers and I also wonder what would’ve happen if someone reach their hand where the cutter was at, until the instructor explain that there was a sensor that detects if someone is reaching to the danger zone and it gives a warning. Other machine that impressed me was the machine that folds the paper because its a fastest way to fold paper instead of someone just folding it one by one while the machine does it quick. Last machine that impressed me was the traditional printing because its different than the digital printing. Traditional printing produce more printing than digital.


Visually Enhanced Quotes

I used a Futura Bold, add some stars and an abstraction with a gradient of red and pinkish color.

I use a photograph of a child where he’s drawing and I traced the child. From there I placed the quote near the child like he wrote the quite. Also, I added several splats around it.

In this, I created a half white and a half black because of a separation of a child white and adult as black. A similarity of yin-yang.


This is my personal that shows two of my initials an I and C. The I is surrounded by the C’s and around the C’s is a border. While the borders have a gap on both sides, left and right, is start off as a maze.