Intern Week 1

Today was the day I actually tried to find a job on my own. From past experiences, my friends hooked me up with jobs that they were working in. They gave in a good word about me and I got hired. I felt extremely nervous today because I’m afraid after all the emails I send out, nobody will hire me.

After I sent out 3-5 emails to different internships, I got quick responses back from them. They asked me for my resume and online portfolio. I was replying and sending whatever they needed back asap. I then got an interview for Friday at 3:00 PM for innova8 studios. And then NYAPP Designers emailed me asking if I could do a interview at 2:30 today. I felt very excited and nervous because I had two interviews. When I talked to Khalidid from NYAPP, he was going through my portfolio and he told me he liked my work. And told me a bit about their company and what they did. After taking for a good 15-20 min he asked me when I would start working.

On Sep 13, that will be my first day of work from 10-5pm.

I really like internship class because it made me feel more confident to apply for jobs. This gave me the experience to not be shy and go for it.