Amenity Research DM

This piece caught my attention immediately! This  reminds me of some sort of circus or amusement park. The main orange piece reminds me of those fire circles and the yellow tinted string above helps make it look so real. This piece is made from sugar by Chef Peter Gyorgyicsek who is from Hungary. As I did more research, I had realized that this actually represents a timeline (I guess I should’ve thought deeper!) The bottom was is an hourglass, the middle part is a tree trunk that represents strength, the big flower is supposed to be futuristic, and the chef actually covered up sugar gears with the left size carnival mask which was made from actual gears of his car. Lastly, the pieces I thought looked like fire represent stages in a person’s life.

This piece was made by Chef Frederic Loraschi. This piece represents winter going away and spring coming in to bring some freshness and brightness. I especially like this piece because of how abstract it looks. This was made with sugar and I think the use of not too many colors were perfect, the pops of red make it stand out. Looking at this makes me feel as though the spring will come and it’ll be sunny and warm.

As a movie lover, this piece caught my attention. Made all of the chocolate with pops of color by Chef Jean-Michel Meyzer. I think the gold stars and reel add a nice elegant touch to the piece because it can become very tacky when you’re creating something for a movie. The pops of red, yellow, and green bring a special brightness which the chocolate can take away from because most of it is brown.

This piece is especially my favorite. I think it has a lot of special pieces made of chocolate. The fence in the back reminds me of a garden then comes the watering can and the flowers. All of these pieces have a different shade to them which adds character and brightness. I think the texture of the “wooden” fence was a great touch which helps it look so realistic. I adore the watering can and how it’s floating rather than just off to the side on the base. This was made by Chef Chris Zammit.

2 thoughts on “Amenity Research DM

  1. markh

    Dipsey: you picked showpieces that are all pretty tall and elegant looking. that Loraschi pc is technically quite amazing. Because the photo is high quality, it is possible to zoom in and get a good look at some of the details. The garden pc is of a particular style that I would call illustration like. It does not have a lot of mystery, edge, or subtlety. It is a range of styles displayed in al these works.
    You realize that all of these pieces are too big to be considered ‘amenities’ right?

  2. Aleann McIntyre

    The first piece you posted really stood out with your explanation. I did not see it either when I first looked at it. You really have to study the piece and you get it , a time line! I liked the piece because of the sugar work and colors , it is very bright and you can see that a lot of work was put into the details. Your other pieces are all beautiful but the first one is my favourite.


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