Course Resources

Below, you will find links to class documents and helpful reference links:

Course Documents
Course Syllabus and Schedule – PDF
Video Tutorials
Assignment 02 – Part B
Intro to Grasshopper [complete by 3/4/14]
Single Attractor Pt [complete by 3/4/14]
Multiple Attractor Pts [complete by 3/4/14]
– Image Sampler [complete by 3/7/14]
Intro to Lists Pt 1 [complete by 3/7/14]
Intro to Lists Pt 2 [complete by 3/7/14]
Grasshopper Definitions
 Grid Pinch and Spread [download .gh]
Planar Quad Panalization [download .gh and .3dm]
Required Readings
Digital Fabrication: Architectural and Material Techniques – Iwamoto
An Atlas of Fabrication – Barkow Leibinger
Translations: de Young Museum and the Walker Art Center – Fraser
The Function of Ornament – Moussavi
Additional Readings
Ornament – AIA
Architectural Prototypes II – Runberger
CNC Resources
Post Processor Files – Roland MDX 540
Post Processor Files – Precix 11100
Tool Database – Vortex
Tool Database – Onsrud
Pratt Digital Futures
Digital Toolbox
Lift Architects
Solidworks Resources
Intro to Solidworks Tutorial
Solidworks Example File – Assignment 02B
Rhino Example File – Assignment 02B
DXF cut pattern Example File – Assignment 02B
 Relevant NYCCTfab Courses
Intermediate Computation and Fabrication | Fall 2013
Intermediate Computation and Fabrication | Spring 2013
Introduction to Computation and Fabrication | Spring 2013

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