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Assignment 01

The challenge of Assignment 01 is to make a sphere that fits into a 1’ x 1’ x 1’ cube and holds together without glue or other hardware, using only the detailing and material itself for structural stability. The material … Continue reading

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Grasshopper Resources

During Tuesday’s class (4/2), there were quite a few Grasshopper Questions.  Here are some web resources: Digital Substance – Attractor Points Design Reform – Multiple Attractor Points Cast ex-Lab – Grasshopper Workshop Resources (Good for basic how-to questions) Co-de-it – Grasshopper … Continue reading

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Assignment 02 – Part B

In groups of two, using Grasshopper, generate toolpaths to create a complex milled surface without the use of any original surface geometry.  Watch the four videos below on how to construct your Grasshopper definition and simulate the results in RhinoCam. For class … Continue reading

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Assignment 02 – Part A

The first part of Assignment 02 includes completing some basic Grasshopper tutorials.  Please watch the three videos below and complete your own “data tree” definition as outlined in the third video.  We will review your work in class next week. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the class website.

Welcome to the new home of Intermediate Computation and Fabrication Sp2013.  This is where assignments will be posted and class work is displayed.  You will also find links to readings and other class resources for your use.

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