Assignment 02 (FALL 2013)

Assignment 02 (FALL 2013)


Define a pattern in a 12″ x 12″ x 2″ volume. You may use attractor geometry or combinations of geometric transformations. Use the Panel component to describe and comment/label your definition.


Create a responsive definition based on attractor geometry. Please save your grasshopper (.gh) files to your dropbox folder. Refer to the syllabus for the file naming conventions for dropbox submissions.  These are due before the next class on Tuesday 09/17/13.  Late assignments will receive a grade penalty.


  • Attractor works : 25%
  • Fits within the bounds of the volume (12″x 12″x 2″): 20%
  • Demonstrates Proficiency with Tool : 45%
  • Labeling /Organization of Dropbox / Correct File Naming: 10%



Point and Vector Primer Definitions:

Sample Files:

Nearest point definition from in class demo.

1 Point attractor definition from in class demo.

2 Point attractor definition

Please refer to this example attractor point video for help on the homework.

Please refer to this video from class for help.

If you want to view last year’s attractor point class, you can find the video here:

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