Assignment 02

Assignment 02


Panelize and control geometry with an attractor.  Using the second class tutorials as a starting point, create two surfaces to panelize.  At least one surface must be created in Grasshopper (not just referenced from Rhino).  You may create some geometry in rhino, but the surface needs to be created in Grasshopper.  For example you could draw curves in Rhino then use loft or revolve or other surface creation tools.  Your surface needs to be panelized into flat/triangulated sub-panels.  At least one of these surfaces must use some attractor geometry to affect some change/variation across the surface.


Please save your rhino (.3dm) and grasshopper (.gh) files to your dropbox folder.  Be sure that you label and organize your Grasshopper definitions.  Remember to use the Panel tool to write comments describing your process, and also use grouping (Ctrl + G) and the align widget in Grasshopper to keep your definitions tidy.  These are due before the next class on Wednesday 02/13/13.  Late assignments will receive a grade penalty.


  • Design : 45%
  • Demonstrates Proficiency with Tool : 45%
  • Labeling /Organization of Dropbox / Correct File Naming: 10%



Please refer the video from class if you need a refresher on box morphing and revolving.

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