The COMD Futures Collaboratory supports faculty and student research in emerging technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) in art, design, and advertising.

The initiative aims to put emerging technology into the hands of our faculty and students to help them to imagine, innovate, and design immersive experiences.

Hands-on access to immersive tech will allow COMD faculty and students to gain experience using and designing for emerging technologiesexpand our experience design toolbelts, and adapt to the coming industry changes. 

Current Activities

We are excited to announce a partnership with, a geolocative augmented reality (AR) storytelling platform.

Membit co-founder and CEO Jay Van Buren will be available to meet on campus or remotely with students and faculty to explore how the augmented reality app can be used for creative projects and academic research.

Use the Contact form to schedule a meeting or contact Prof. Jenna Spevack for more information.


The COMD Futures Collaboratory was conceived by Prof. Jenna Spevack when she was awarded a GRTI grant in early 2019 to set up a small lab to support COMD faculty and students interested in learning more about emerging and immersive technologies.

The equipment finally arrived in late 2019 and was installed in early 2020 in Pearl 125. The lab was outfitted with several types of head-mounted displays, VR kits, 360 video cameras, and supporting equipment for student and faculty research.

Sadly, the COVID pandemic shut down the initiative and access to the lab, but the initiative will begin rebooting in Spring 2022!