COMD Spring Eggventure! Promo – D.Greene, K.Alas

City Tech’s COMD Futures‘ Emerging Scholars collaborated with Membit Inc. this semester to launch the COMD Spring Eggventure, an augmented reality experience geolocated on the first floor of the Pearl Hallway at City Tech.

This virtual treasure hunt uses the augmented reality application Membit. To view the experience, download the app on your iPhone or Android and visit COMD on the first floor of the Pearl Building. Discover the ten virtual eggs hidden throughout the COMD Pearl Hallway! 

Download Membit

QR codes to dowload Membit app for App Store and Google Play

Visit COMD at City Tech

Find us on the first floor of the Pearl Building.

This is a visual map of the City Tech campus with the Pearl Building highlighted.

Learn More

Contact COMD Futures Collaboratory or Prof. Jenna Spevack for more info.

COMD Futures Emerging Scholars and Collaborators

Danny Greene, ES
Kathy Alas, ES
Saria Tabassum
Andre Sadhu
Prof. Jenna Spevack
Jay Van Buren, Membit CEO