Interested in Sports?/ Local Professional Trainer Seeking Social Media Intern Spring 2022

Raul Frank, a former professional fighter,  is looking for an intern(s) to help him create digital content over the semester. Raul is a three-time boxing champion. He currently trains clients out of Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York. He helps them to lose weight through boxing-based workouts. Raul has worked with interns in the past. Previously, students have created content for him by using pictures from his boxing career and footage from clients that he trains.

The intern(s) would work with his son, Josh Frank, over the semester. Josh is a third-year law student at Berkeley law and manages the online content for Raul. The intern would create a social media plan with Josh. Some of the digital content that Raul hopes to create includes:

a. editing old pictures
b. editing footage of Raul’s clients working out.

This internship is highly flexible with regard to schedule. Please contact to set up an quick interview. This internship should be primarily virtual as Mr. Frank will send you video and photos to edit. If your schedule allows, there is the  possibility of visiting Gleason’s Gym. But this is not mandatory. To see work that interns have done previously, check out @raulfrankboxing and Other Links:

Raul’s LinkedIn:

News Article:

YouTube Videos:

Please email if this spot is of interest to you.

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