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Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation (GCSF) Mentoring Opportunity

Dear students,

Below is a sheet for you to fill out to be matched with a mentor in the field who is a member of the Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation (GCSF). Please fill out this form and they will contact you.

Attached is the GSF mentoring form as a PDF form. Download it, fill it out Ā and submit it. This is an excellent opportunity for you to begin networking in the field and receive guidance from a Ā professional.

GCSF Mentoring Student App&Assessment

ADC Event Focusing on MAIP–This Thursday at 12:45 PM; Please join!

The MAIP 2022 applications are in full swing and now is the perfect time to get started and involved in one of theĀ leading advertising internship programs that are sure to get your foot into the door of the creative field.
Join us TOMORROW at 12:45PM for an essential info session where 4 MAIP Fellows will join us to talk about their experience and answer all of your MAIP questions.
This will be a virtual event on Zoom

Click here to join or use the meeting information below.

Meeting ID: 892 0983 8086

Passcode: maip

Social Media Intern Spot for Wee the People listed on

Are you interested in fashion and changing people’s minds, then the Social Media intern at Wee work might be a spot for you.Ā UnderĀ General Online Sites, I list The name is a play on the work idealist, as this site covers the non-profit sector, organizations whose role is to NOT to earn a profit but to work on activities for the benefit of the whole community, whether that is in the public health arena or improving the environment. This is a site were open internships are regularly listed. Today, I found this Social Media Intern spot at Wee the People, a fashion brand ā€œclothing & lifestyle brand that empowers and inspires children to make positive change in the world.Ā ā€ I reviewed their site and they make for young children with T-shirts with RGB on it and a rainbow graphic with ā€œDemand Clear Air.ā€ For those of you who who not have an internship, you should consider applying. The internship begins October 11 and ends December 23rdā€“just in time! and it even has a Stipend listed.

But this is one internship on this site. Keep checking it.

see the Link for qualifications:

Do you have great work from last semester? Enter Communications Arts Student Showcase Competition–Deadline today!

Communication Arts Student Showcase is FREEĀ to enter. So, if you have greatĀ  work you’ve done already and want to enter, go ahead and do this TODAY AS THE DEADLINE IS TODAY! Link is below.Ā