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If you did join Handshake as per my email, here some recent intern spots:




  1. Jia Wei Wang

    Hello, I am Jia Wei Wang (Or Jerry for simplicity) I am beginning my 4th year semester and just joined Handshake pretty recently, I am a bit nervous and new to this whole internship thing. I’m still pretty new and a beginner at finding interns at the moment. Do you recommend Swift Studio or DCW Media? Or should I simply just apply for both of them on the Handle App and wait for a response back from them?

  2. tgoetz


    Read through this section of the COMD internship Coordination site at: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/comd4900internship/policies/

    Most of the students are new to the internship –that’s why they enrolled in this class. I can’t recommend with of these companies as we have not yet placed an intern at them. The goal of this class is to get students used to job searches not just for internships but as they move through their careers. The first thing to do is research both companies by going on their websites and by looking at their social media sites and Glassdoor.

    If you like what you see after your research, apply to the companies. There are many other spots on other online sites–see the long list under Where to Find a Job?”

    But our first class will be going over these issues. The main thing is to have your resume and portfolio ready. I see on your degree audit that you are just taking the portfolio class now. Get a jump on doing at least your resume. Remember, in my FAQs, I noted that many internships just require 4-5 pieces. Any other questions, let me know.

    • Jia Wei Wang

      Alrighty, I pretty much already have a resume at the ready with the addition of already have a basic online portfolio. Thanks for the quick reply back! 🙂

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