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NYPIRG is seeking Spring Interns

Dear COMD students,

NYPIRG just reached out to me to say they are looking for Fall Interns. The work will be remote. NYPIRG has an office on the City Tech campus but as all are working remotely now, they are as well. We have had COMD students work with them in the past and it has been a positive experience.

If you are not familiar with NYPIRG, see their website.  They are a public advocacy group committed to advocating for environmental legislation, voting rights, government accountability, among other issues.

According to NYPIRG, students will learn:

Students will learn about grassroots organizing techniques and new digital tools used to support social movements holistically. Their education in effective communication begins with learning key public speaking and community outreach skills, forming narratives and messaging through graphic design based on their interactions with the constituencies served by NYPIRG.

Responsibilities will include:

Advocacy & Graphic Design:
• Create  copy & media (pictures, posters, video, etc)
•  grassroots actions/deliverable goals connected to social media content (photo petitions, # of
hashtagged Tweets, etc…).
• video content

Send  your resumes and portfolio links to :

Kevin Dugan (he/him/his)
Regional Supervisor
New York Public Interest Research Group
(516) 361-4006
And also
Gabrielle Alper
Project Coordinator
New York Public Interest Research Group