New Sections of Spring 2021 COMD classes now Available on CUNY First

Dear students:

Additional Sections that are now available for registration

  • COMD 1257 OL56
  • COMD 2300 OL74
  • COMD 2400 OL12
  • COMD 2451 OL20
  • COMD 3501 OL05
  • COMD 3521 OL60
  • COMD 3504 OL10
  • COMD 4801 OL30
and also now available are the following sections: 

COMD 2320 OL86 Introduction to Video
COMD 3701 OL71 Design Studio
COMD 4701 OL12 The Design Team
COMD 4830 OL92 Senior Project/ADV
COMD 4830 OL29 Senior Project/ GD
COMD 4900 OL94 Internship in Comm Design

If you were looking for any of these classes, please register as soon as you can.

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