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Summer Internships Available with Brookyn College’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Dear COMD interns,

Brooklyn College is seeking 2 Interns to assist in web and design projects at  Brooklyn College’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness. You would need to send your resume, portfolio, and cover letter to Isana Leshchinskaya. Her email is

If you are enrolled in COMD 4900 this summer, these are good spots. The students who did internships there this past fall had very positive experiences. See their internship blogs at and read the entries that focus on these students’ experiences working at Brooklyn College:







Link to Senior Project, Senior Portfolio and Internship Orientation

Here is the link to the recording of the department’s recent orientation session about Senior Project, Senior Portfolio and Internship. If you are just taking one of the classes, you can skip to the part of the video that most concerns you.

For those of you who are focused on the internship class, it is covered after the first two classes.

Save the Interns Site

Dear COMD Fall and Summer interns,

Please check out this site at:

You can put your profile on the site. Save the interns







See the link at:

So, please put your profile on the site. And yes, it is one of our adjuncts who starting this site going and one of our students, Ms. Khan is featured in the article.

One Club Creative Month–Networking Events all Month long/Interns Take Note

OK, so here’s a series of networking events coming to you next week and throughout the Month of May . . .

Please take advantage of these events.

See info at 

Below is the schedule for Monday, May 4th–3 events to choose from but I’d suggest the networking one for all of you but you might also like the Creative Perspectives one.