VIP Information for Spring 2020 Interns

Dear Spring Interns,

Just to ensure all of you have seen my earlier posts, here is my earlier post with the information regarding how the internship is adapting given the circumstances.

Dear interns,

• First and foremost, I hope you and your family members are well.

• As an update to my earlier post, where I substituted webinars for networking events for last week. Of course, now,  events are off the table for the whole semester as meeting in groups puts everyone’s health at risk. Instead, we will be requiring blog posts on other online education resources in the upcoming weeks.

• Most importantly, All of you should be doing your internships remotely and not on the employer’s site at this point. Most employers are moving to this model anyway but I reached out to all of you via my post last week to get your internship agreements because I want to contact each employer to let them know that no intern should be working on-site any longer. We do not want any COMD intern to believe that they need to earn their COMD 4900 credits by working on-site and risking his/her health to do so. Just as classes have moved on-line, so too has your internship work for credit. If there is an employer that is not willing to accommodate remote working or cannot do so, then let me know and I will write them an email letter explaining that we can no longer have you working there. 

• If you do not have an internship already or your employer is not able to continue your hours, we will work to place you with a remote internship within CUNY or another employer that will allow remote working.

The required work hours for the internship will be reduced to 60 hours for this semester. If you wish to do the 120 for your portfolios, then you are free to do that.  But when a National Emergency is at hand,  we make adjustments as required.  Instead, we will substitute for the 60 hours, an ethics paper that will be assigned in the next week. Details on that will be provided.

Keep checking your email or this site for updates. Once March 19th arrives, our classes resume online and your instructors will let you know which classes we will be meeting together via Webex or Zoom during our regular class hours and which will be assignments/readings done asynchronously.

As ever, any questions, please reach out to me at or 516-287-6700. Email can be sent at any time but please Text me before calling so I can confirm it is a good time to speak on the phone. I will do phone call meetings between 10 AM and 6 PM Mondays through Fridays.

Once again, my very best wishes for your health and that is the most important priority. We will get through this semester together.


T. Goetz


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