A Design Challenge For All Interns and COMD students

Dear COMD students,

One of our administrators here at City Tech is the liaison between the CUNY LGBTQI+ Council and the NYC Pride parade.  The council is looking for new banner designs.  She just reached out to the COMD department to ask if a student is interested in creating a banner that can be used for many years to come;  the student would get credit in CUNY news, on the website and it could be an amazing addition to a professional portfolio for a student.

They need two banner designs:
1).         CUNY LGBTQI+

2).           CUNY LGBTQI Leadership Program

They  would need the designs within the next few weeks. See the link below:

CUNY LGBTQI Student Leadership Program

So start brainstorming and submit. I will send ideas to our contact via email. Best, TG

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