Digital Media Production Internship (Unpaid)

Course Credit Description 

Assignment to fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight to ten hours per week at one of the followings: photography, videography, cinematography, corporate communications design office, publishing art department, computer graphics design studio, photography and/or illustration studio. The student will report weekly to the SEEK Office Administrator, Supervision is by the designated SEEK Faculty Staff and/or IT Academic Coordinator. The student is responsible for submitting all class requirements on time. To manage and maintain progress. Students will document their projects and experiences in a Learning Journal and present a Final Presentation summarizing their experience and best work in group seminars for academic credit. The student will produce content to be filtered and used to be posted on SEEK social media accounts. 

Requirement (SEEK Student Preferred)

To be eligible you must:

Have and Maintain a G.P.A of 2.5 or above.

Be currently enrolled in any of the following courses: 

. COMD 2320 – Intro Film & Video Production Design 

. COMD 3330 – Photography II 

. COMD 4860 –Streaming Media for the Web

Obtain a Letter of Reference from your Professor.

Email your resume and schedule to

Be prepared to bring in a printed copy of your resume along with samples of work.

Be available Thursdays between 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM to document SEEK workshops.

Have access to Adobe Creative Cloud for digital edits and modification. (6 fl. lab room is optional)

(Note that the internship hours are in addition to your mandated class schedule)

See attached PDF for further info on the internship.

COMD 4900 – Digital Media Production Internship-Fin-P