Interested in working in the public sector? How about interning with a NYC agency . . .

DCAS (Department of Citywide Administration) is having an info session NEXT week to inform students of all the summer internship opportunities that the more than 83 city agencies city have available.

The event will host a panel of City professionals on what internship opportunities are available now and for the summer, where to look for opportunities, what to include on your resume to be competitive, and a short intro to what the civil service exam is. All panelists will speak about what it’s like to work for New York City and how it can help connect you to a strong, interesting career path!

All majors are encouraged to come since the City has internships from communications, technology, finance, human resources, public services and beyond!  RSVP HERE and join the CUNY Civic Meetupgroup to learn about more opportunities.


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