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American Museum of Natural History Marketing Department Seeking Graphic Design & Production Intern

Interested in Natural History & Graphic Design? Then, maybe the American Natural History Internship that was just posted this month is the right spot for you. You will be working in the marketing department designing flyers, posters, email banners, graphic for social media and a range of other materials for the museum. This position is paid. And you know you loved that dinosaur floor when you last visited . . . See complete listing at:

Pulse Point Paid Internship Available this summer

“If you are a Design/Marketing/Ad Creative student or recent grad, or know of one, we (and more specifically, I) are looking for a Design Intern for our 2018 summer program at PulsePoint, a tech company is that is growing into the health sphere and making some BIG moves for the wellbeing of us all.”

See listing at