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Design Intern Spot at Vyater Group/Apply ASAP

COMD students,

There is an open spot at the VYATER Group  for this Spring.

To secure this spot, you need a strong portfolio so do run your portfolio by me or your internship instructor or Prof. Douglas Davis before submitting your work. The job description is attached below. This is an unpaid internship but it does provide money for transportation.


We have had a City Tech student intern at this studio and you can read a little bit on that student’s blog about the internship at

Please move quickly on this spot if you are interested. Any questions, let me know.


Web Design, Graphic Design, Advertising Spots at AIR department on Campus

Are you looking for a internship focusing on graphic design, advertising, or web design ? If so, then perhaps you want to consider applying to the AIR department internships that are available this Spring right here on campus. They would like to get applications by the end of this week so work to make that deadline if you are interested. They are looking for 2 interns. 

The primary responsibilities will be with:
  • social media
  • web design
  • graphic design for publications
    These are unpaid internships but these spots have the convenience of being right here on campus and they give students an opportunity to use their creative energies in a stimulating atmosphere  where students will have a broad exposure to all the academic disciplines here at City Tech. You will be able to develop  pieces for your portfolio and work with your fellow students. To learn more about the Air department, see the college’s website at

    If you are interested in this internship, you need to email a cover letter and a resume to Tammie Cummings at AIR at or to Isana Leshcinskaya at

    Please make sure you proofread and edit your resume and cover letter before submitting it to Tammie. You can use the free plug-in Grammarly to check your spelling, etc.  here on campus to go over your resume and cover letter. 

Internships Available in 2D Animation, Illustration, Video, and More: Deadline: Feb. 2nd

There are some very interesting unpaid internship opportunities at a new TV channel, Overcoming the Odds”  founded by City Tech Alums. In particular, if you are interested in animation or illustration, this could be a great opportunity for you. But the channel is looking for the following positions and job description and contact info are on the PDFs linked below each position:

2D Animation

2D Cartoon Animator Internship Position

Cartoon Digital Illustrator Internship Position
Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Internship Position
Video Editing

Video Editor Internship Position
Web Design

Web Developer Internship Position

From the company’s press release:

WHAT: The channel will provide fans with quality content, through a variety of television
shows, suitable for all ages but geared towards young adults and teenagers in marginalized
communities. Their goal is to use their stories and trials/tribulations to show others that you do
not just need to be educated to be successful. They will accomplish this through content like their animated series, the Mr. Turn Up Show and OTO Live TV. These shows will create a relatable experience for all. We aim to reach individuals currently experiencing having to overcome the odds in addition to individuals seeking a platform (channel) to build their brand.
“We are the architects of those situations.”
OTO Live TV Channel 70 on the ACTBoom Network will be accessible on November 15th via: Amazon, Firestick, Roku, an Apple and Android App, everywhere in the world with internet connection.

So, send those resumes out!!



Transit Museum Seeking Graphic/Exhibit Design Intern for Spring

Interested in trains and subways? The transit museum is seeking a Spring 2018 intern to work on graphic design projects and exhibit design. Please email myself or our adjunct Professor Johanna Goldfield at about this opportunity. This is not a paid internship but if you are enrolled in COMD 4900 this Spring, this spot is an excellent opportunity for you to fulfill your 120 hours in a spot that is well-known and local.

Transit Museum site is at