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Month: October 2017

Brooklyn Navy Yard Seeking Spring 2018 Interns

The Professional Development Center has informed me that the Brookyn Navy Yard is seeking interns for Spring 2018 in Communication Design to assist with branding and marketing, etc.

The deadline to apply is November 30th. You will need a strong resume, cover letter and portfolio for these spots. But I know we have many students who will meet their requirements.

Flyer is attached.

Brooklyn Navy Yard_Spring 2018 Internship

Social Media Marketing Internship Available with Lupus Foundation

This is a great spot for an advertising COMD student or graphic design. Please see job description attached. It is an unpaid spot but it is for a well-respected non-profit organization in Springfield, New Jersey. See the PDF below for detailed job description and also contact information for sending your resume, cover letter and portfolio.

social media marketing intern position.09-29-17

We heard about this position through Devir Shirky so if you are interested in learning more about this organization before applying, don’t hesitate to send Prof. Shirky an email.

Paid Web Design Internship Available at CityTech AIR department

The AIR department here on Campus is seeking a web design intern for 10 hours a week at $13  an hour.

So, if you have taken 2 web courses, consider applying for this. The AIR department is right here on campus. Air stands for Assessment and Institutional Research. See the City Tech website at http://air.citytech.cuny.edu to learn more about this department.

I know from past interns who have worked in this department that you do have do be a self-starter but that you do gain practical experience working in this department and connect with quite a few other departments and you do sometimes interact with Faculty Commons interns as well.

Tammie Cumming email is tcumming@citytech.cuny.edu.

Any questions, email me at tgoetz@citytech.cuny.edu