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Intern Spot at VYATER GROUP

COMD students,

There is an open spot at the VYATER Group  for this Fall and potentially Spring also.

To secure this spot, you need a strong portfolio so do run your portfolio by me or your internship instructor or Prof. Douglas Davis before submitting your work. The job description is attached below. This is an unpaid internship but it does provide money for transportation.


We have had a City Tech student intern at this studio and you can read a little bit on that student’s blog about the internship at

Email me at with any questions.


Women’s Press Collective Contact Information

As I mentioned during class, the Women’s Press Collective is a place that regularly works with City Tech interns. Natalie Alcide, the College’s valedictorian this past year, did her internship there. The cover she she helped design for their print publication is above.

You can also get a sense of what an intern’s experience is like by checking out Kim Mohammed’s internship blog at


Lisa Daniels is our main contact there and supervises the interns. The email to reach her is at

As I mentioned, they are print-based and so this is not a spot for a web or video student unless you have a strong portfolio in those areas already and are interested in learning more about the traditional media of print or are interested in learning about a grass roots community organization.

I know one student contacted me via email asking for the WPC information and I thought I’d answer her and give you all the information as well. 

Fall Internship Spots at Mattel, Shark Group and BAM–See links below

These were all provided by a fellow City Tech internship student who has already found a spot and has turned one of these down for an interview. So, let’s get another City Tech intern to these excellent positions.


Mattel Inc.

This position would be great for graphic designers who are good at illustration and is also paid.

Mattel inc

Packaging Design

The Shark Group – is unpaid but may cover transportation.

Bam – This one you’re aware of. It’s paid and needs both digital and printed work for the interview process.