3D Printing Internship


3D Printing Intern – Immediate

Interested in and have some experience with 3D printing. Then, check out this internship at Fresh Digital Group in Brooklyn. It is unpaid but looks like you will the opportunity to learn a great deal about this emerging area of design. They are looking for some experience in 3D but don’t be too daunted by the year plus experience they are asking for as it is unpaid and so I can’t imagine too many people with more than a year’s worth of experience are looking for unpaid work. Sell what you have done with 3D well in your cover letter, visit the company’s website and educate yourself via reading about the area of 3D they are pursuing and then send your resume and cover letter off. They cite in the job description that this is a 3 month position that has the possibility of full-time employment at the end of the three months so this spot is best for a student who is close to graduating and is only doing 1 or two other courses at most with their internship.



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