Three New Intern Spots in Times Square Area

If you haven’t landed a spot yet, here are the links to three new unpaid internship spots in the Time Square Area, the latter 2 spots focus more on marketing and communications. However, if you read the job descriptions, both spots should be of interest to advertising concentration students and perhaps graphic design as well as they involve work on social media sites and branding materials.

Content Production Internship:–2?id=content-production-intern–2

Business Development and Marketing Internship:–2?id=business-development-marketing-intern–2

Business Administration and/or Marketing internship:–3?id=business-administration-andor-marketing-communicat–3

If you are interested in these spots, you can email your resume and cover letter directly to Ana Quinonez at Aptozen is headquarted in San Francisco but they have a New York office. The latter two jobs are for Aptozen but the first spot is for a new startup company called AWE. A fellow CityTech student provided me with the connection for these spots so as a reminder, please keep building your network of CityTech students.

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